Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Scrabble Internationals from Goa

The following players from Goa (or of Goan origin) have represented India in international tournaments
Irineu Gonsalves
Rajiv Antao
Douglas Lobo
Anthony Gomes (also for Qatar in 2009)
Jacky Fernandes
Joe Rodrigues

Sherwin Rodrigues (albeit from Mumbai - Goan)

Players of Goan origin who have represented other countries
Ralph Lobo - Oman
Charles Carneiro - UAE

Marie Fernandes - Oman
Oswald Fernandes - Bahrain
Bobby Rozario - UAE
Allan Saldanha - UK
Norbert Saldanha - UAE
Dean Saldanha - UAE,Canada
Cecil Fernandes - Oman
Selwyn Lobo - UAE
Dielle Saldanha  - Canada
Dean Saldanha - Canada
Yvonne Lobo - Bahrain

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