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Bhakti Kulkarni at the World Youth Chess 2007, Antalya Turkey

Bhakti Kulkarni (ELO 2112) in the Under 16 Category

1st Round - beat (Unrated) Salama Al Khelaifi of Qatar
2nd Round - beat Berfu Dincok (ELO 1945) of Turkey
3rd Round - drew with Abby Marshall (ELO 2208) of the United States
4th Round - lost to Katrina Skinke (ELO 2166) of Latvia
5th Round - beat Amisha Parmar (ELO 2007) of England
6th Round - drew with Li Panru (ELO 2030) of China
7th Round - beat Valerie Forgues (ELO 1963) of France
8th Round - lost to Olka Ivanenko (ELO 2125) of Ukraine
9th Round - lost to Jovana Vojinovic (ELO 2227) of Montenegro
10th Round - lost to (Unrated) Valeria Kim of Kyrgyzstan
11th Round - drew with Lin Jine Jorgensen (ELO 1861) of Norway

Stood 45th overall out of 106 contestants

Bhakti had stood 8th in the Under-14 at the World Youth Chess 2006 in Batumi, Georgia.

Ivana Furtado at the World Youth Chess 2007, Antalya Turkey

Match by Match results

Ivana Furtado in the Under 8 Category

1st Round - beat Samantha Revita Glo of The Philippines
2nd Round - beat Helin Melek Saim of Turkey
3rd Round - beat P Preethy of India
4th Round - Narmin Mammadova of Azerbaijan
5th Round - lost to C. H. Meghna of India
6th Round - drew with Anastasia Ponmarchuk of Russia
7th Round - beat Anastasia Sialenchyk of Belarus
8th Round - beat Buse Vatansever of Turkey
9th Round - beat Thanh Thuy Tien Nguyen of Vietnam
10th Round - beat Gunay Mammadzada of Azerbaijan
11th Round - drew with Zhansaya Abdumalik of Kazakhstan

Stood 1st overall out of 73 contestants. Thus, she successfully defended her World Championship title.

Ivana Furtado was the defending champion as she had stood 1st in the Under-8 at the World Youth Chess 2006 in Batumi, Georgia

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Talasha Prabhu - Achievements at the international level

Talasha has been selected for the Indian Swim Team for the Commonwealth Youth Games 2008 in Pune, India from 12th to 18th October 2008.


At her first ever international meet in Pakistan, Talasha Prabhu swam her way to the gold in the 50 m freestyle in the U-14 category at the first South Asian Aquatic Championship at Islamabad held in September 2007 clocking a personal best of 29.04 in her first ever international meet.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

FIDE Rated Players from Goa - October 2007

Four more Goans - Agasti Tari, Brahmanand Kamat, M. Harikrishnan and
Rakshith Rai - made it to the FIDE rating list which was released on October
1, 2007. This reflects the growing popularity of chess with the youngsters
in Goa as they are now performing well in the Open tournaments
and earning a name for themselves and the State.

Goan chess also celebrated the success of Anurag Mhamal and Umang Kaisary
whose ratings improved by 33 points and 67 points respectively. Whereas
Umang dazzled in Mangalore with a 2093 performance, Anurag essayed a
brilliant 2203 performance in the National 'B' conducted at Dindigul, Tamil

Among the active players the gap between Woman FIDE Master Bhakti Kulkarni
and Anurag Mhamal has narrowed to just 20 points though it must be mentioned
that Bhakti will be gaining 61 ELO points for her performance in the
National Junior Championship which will be reflected in the January 2008
rating list.

Some of the important ratings are as follows -

J. Venkata Ramana 2168
Mandar Tahmankar 2141
Bhakti Kulkarni 2112
Swapnil Hobble 2105
Anurag Mhamal 2092
Suhas Asnodkar 2031
Shubham Pinge 2012
Sumit Asnodkar 1999
P.M. Kantak 1990
Niraj Saripalli 1967
Standrik Colaso 1957
Sanjay Kavlekar 1947
Celianne Carvalho 1926
A. Malwankar 1914
Umang Kaisary 1889
Prasanna Swamy 1884
Nandhini Saripalli 1876
Keegan Furtado 1870
Shradha Mohanan 1857
Cyrus Perreira 1845
V. Siva Swamy 1820
Pranav Zantye 1795
Anuradha Chavan 1766

New entrants
Agasti Tari 1875
Brahmanand Kamat 1747
M. Harikrishnan 1730
Rakshith Rai 1656

Recent top rating performances by Goan players

1. Commonwealth, November 2006 - 2328 Bhakti Kulkarni (9 games)
2. National Junior Girls 2007 - 2220 Bhakti Kulkarni (10 games)
3. National B 2006 - 2203 Anurag Mhamal (12 games)
4. Sangli, May 2007 - 2176 Anurag Mhamal (8 games)
5. Rochess, December 2006 - 2162 Anurag Mhamal (7 games)
6. Sangli, December 2006 - 2157 Anurag Mhamal (8 games)
6. Mangalore 2007 - 2093 Umang Kaisary (7 games)

SOURCE: Sameer Salgaocar - President, Goa State Chess Association at The Goan Chess Blog

Tennis ball cricket internationals - 2007

Represented India in the tennis ball cricket series against Sri Lanka in Chennai from October 6-9, 2007

Women :
Sharon Dias
Shikha Pandey
Sharmila Naik

Men :
Haresh Parsekar
Hemant Khot
Amey Parab
Coach - Nilesh Naik

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Talasha Prabhu swims to glory...

Talasha Prabhu swam her way to gold in the 50 m freestyle in the U-14 category at the first South Asian Aquatic Championship at Islamabad-Pakistan held in September 2007 clocking a personal best of 29.04 in her first ever international meet.

Ivana bags gold at Asian Chess in Al Ain

World Under 8 Girls Champion Ivana Furtado won the U-8 category at the Asian Youth Chess Championships held in Al Ain, U.A.E. from August 22-31.
With this victory, Ivana notched 8 out of possible 9 points to record her first Gold Medal in the Asian Youth Championships. She becomes thus the youngest Indian to have bagged both the World and the Asian Championships - another feat for the Limca Book of records! She will look to make it three in a row when she participates in the Commonwealth Championships to be held in New Delhi in December this year.
SOURCE - Sameer Salgaocar President, Goa Chess Association

Bhakti bags silver at U-16 Asian Chess

Goa's Woman FIDE Master Bhakti Kulkarni (ELO 2112)
added yet another feather in her cap by winning the
Silver medal in the Asian Girls Under 16 Chess
Championships which concluded in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

Bhakti registered a performace rating of 2087 and should
be earning herself 16 ELO Rating points as well as a bonus!

Last year's Commonwealth Girls Under 18 Gold medallist
Bhakti started off the tournament terribly by losing
in the first and third rounds. However, she recovered
superbly thereafter winning the next six on the trot
and beating the top seed and hot favourite WIM Padmini
Rout (ELO 2246) as well as strong contender WFM Pon.
N. Krithika (ELO 2122) in the process. The first place was bagged by
Nakhbayeva Guliskhan (ELO 2024) of Kazakhstan whereas
Padmini had to remain content with the Bronze medal.

Bhakti thus gets the unique distinction of having won three
medals in three consecutive Asian Championships. She won the
Bronze in New Delhi in 2005, the Gold in Teheran in 2006 before
completing her treble in Tashkent this year. Bhakti also has won the
Commonwealth Under 18 Girls Gold medal in Mumbai in 2006
to cement her place as flagbearer of Goan chess.

She will be received in New Delhi on her return by her parents and
AICF Vice President and GSCA President Sameer A. Salgaocar.
The last mentioned stated that this was a proud day in the history of Goan
sports and that Bhakti, her coach Dronacharya Awardee Raghunandan
Gokhale and parents should be lauded for their efforts!

Round 1 - lost to Gulruhsor Esonboeva of Uzbekistan
Round 2 - beat Hulkar Tohirjanova (ELO 1923) of Uzbekistan
Round 3 - lost to Guliskhan Nakhbayeva (ELO 2024) of Kazakhstan
Round 4 - beat Maftuna Khidirova of Uzbekistan
Round 5 - beat Mekhrangez Rakhmatova of Tajikistan
Round 6 - beat Thamina Turdialieva (ELO 1931) of Uzbekistan
Round 7 - beat Padmini Rout (ELO 2246) of India
Round 8 - beat Krithika Pon (ELO 2122) of India
Round 9 - beat Maftuna Orzikulova of Uzbekistan

Final Ranking - Second among 19 contestants. A full report on the tournament
is available at the following link -

Courtesy -

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Junior boys at International Soccer Clubs/Academies

Shallum Pires and Arnold Cardoso trained at the FC Porto Academy for a month accompanied by youth coach Lino Pereira.

Joshuah Vaz - trained at an academy allied to Clube Vitoria de Guimaraes in Guimaraes, Portugal for 5 months from Feb to July 2007. He then went back to the same club in Sept 2007 for a 10 months stint. He will be joined by Dawson Fernandes, Aiken Dias and brother Charlton Vaz for the longer stint at Clube Vitoria.

Paul Soares - plays for U-16 team of Excelsior Vitron, a second division club in Belgium.

List of Goan Internationals in Soccer (Men)


Here is a list of Goans who have represented the Indian National Soccer Team along with the year of their first match.

Note1 - the first Goan to have played for India, representing Goa, is Menino Figuereido who represented India on a goodwill tour of Russia in 1963. This tour was not considered an official tour and some say the first Goan to have represented India thus becomes Visitacao Lobo in 1970. Whichever way you look at it, both Menino Figuereido and Visitacao Lobo have played for India

Note 2 - Much before 19th December 1961, the day Goa was liberated, Goans had made a mark in Indian football. Many represented India when playing in Bombay and shining at the club level and thus earning international caps. In the list below, i am including the names of Goans who went on to play for India whilst plying their trade in Bombay and other parts of India as well

1) Neville Stephen D'Souza - 1953 (Bombay)
2) Fortunato Franco - 1960 (Bombay)
3) Deryk D'Souza - 1960 (Bombay)
4) Menino Figueireido - 1963
5) Marto Gracias - 1967 (Bombay)
6) Andrew D'Souza - 1968
7) Visitacao Lobo - 1970
8) Ramesh Redkar - 1973
9) Nicholas Pereira - 1973
10) Bernard Pereira - 1973
11) Brahmanand Shankhwalkar - 1976
12) Prakash Naik - 1977
13) Armando Colaco - 1977
14) Francis D'Souza - 1978
15) Anthony Rebello - 1982
16) Jose D'Souza - 1983
17) Camilo Gonsalves - 1983
18) Bento Andrew - 1983
19) Mahesh Lotlikar - 1983
20) Chandrakant Naik - 1984
21) Mauricio Afonso - 1984
22) Arnold Rodrigues - 1984
23) Anthony D'Souza - 1984
24) Ashok Fadte - 1984
25) Ignatius Dias - 1984
26) Derrick Pereira - 1984
27) Savio Madeira - 1987
28) Lawrence Gomes - 1987
29) Johnny Araujo - 1987
30) Lector Mascarenhas - 1989
31) Norbert Gonsalves - 1989
32) Mario Soares - 1989
33) Bruno Coutinho - 1991
34) Roy Barretto - 1992
35) Francis Silveira - 1993
36) Roberto Fernandes - 1996
37) Francis Coelho - 1996
38) Franky Barretto - 1997
39) Jules Alberto - 1999
40) Mahesh Gawli - 1999
41) Anthony Pereira - 2000
42) Roque Barretto - 2000
43) Alvito D'Cunha - 2001
44) Alex Ambrose - 2002
45) Samir Naik - 2002
46) Selwyn Fernandes - 2003
47) Climax Lawrence - 2003
48) Felip Gomes - 2005
49) Bibiano Fernandes - 2005
50) Clifford Miranda - 2005
51) Micky Fernandes - 2006
52) Fredy Mascarenhas - 2006

Note 3: The following have represented Indian junior national teams in age-group tournaments but not represented the senior national team
1) Seby Antao in 1988 for India u-19
2) Alex Alvares in 1991 for India U-21
3) Victor Lobo in 1995 for India U-23
4) Melwyn Rodrigues in 1998 for India u-21
5) Covan Lawrence in 1998 for India U-19
6) Milagrio Madeira in 2001 for India U-19
7) Denzil Franco in 2003 for India U-19
8) Godwin Franco in 2003 for India U-19
9) Garry D'Mello in 2004 for India U-19
10) Marcelino Dias in 2004 for India U-18
11) Joaquim Abranches in 2006 for India U-23
12) Beevan D'Mello in 2006 for India U-20
13) Branco Vincent Cardozo - (TFA Jamshedpur) in 2006 played for India U-19
14) Shallum Pires in 2006 for India U-14
15) Lavino Fernandes in 2006 for India U-20
16) Valeriano Rebello in 2005 for India U-23
17) Bernard Pires in 2005 for India U-23
18) Suhas Gaonkar
19) Sarto Baptista
20) Anthony Baptista
21) Suhas Walke
22) Clifton Gonsalves in 2005 for India U-20
23) Terence Lobo in 2005 for India U-20
24) Laxmikant Kuttimani in 2005 for India U-20
25) Steven Fernandes in 2005 for India U-20
26) Joshuah Vaz in 2005 for India U-16
27) Shilton Eusebio Fernandes in 2007 for India U-13
28) Jesmon Joannes Carvalho in 2007 for India U-13
29) Brandon Fernandes in 2007 for India U-13

Note 4: The following have played for India Schools only and not for any other junior national team.
1) Inacio Fernandes
2) Casmiro Palha
3) Joaquim Palha
4) Michael Gomes
5) Domnic D'Souza

Note 5: The following players may/may not have a Goa connection.
1) Joaquim Barretto - (Maharashtra) 1974 played for India U-19
2) Thomas Fernandes - 1978
3) Henry Menezes - (Maharashtra) 1986
4) Jose D'Silva - 1986
5) Anthony D'Souza - 1987
6) Flavio Leitao - 1991
7) Evaristo Cardozo - (Maharashtra) 1991
8) Jacinto D'Silva - (Maharashtra) 1991
9) Jeevan Moraes - (Maharashtra) 1997
10) Steven Dias - (Maharashtra) 2006
11) Reuben D'Souza - (Maharashtra) India U-23 2006
12) Lester Fernandes - (TFA Jamshedpur) India U-19 2006
13) Faizal Martin - India U-19 2006

Note 6:
Brahmanand Shankhwalkar, Bruno Coutinho, Mauricio Afonso and Roberto Fernandes have captained the Indian senior national team.

Seby Antao and Lawrence Gomes have captained the junior Indian national team.

Shilton Eusebio Fernandes has captained the India U-13 team in 2007.

World Beach Soccer Qualifiers

The following players represented India at the Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup qualifiers at Mamzar Beach (Dubai). This was India's first experience of the qualifying rounds of the World beach soccer tournament. They were drawn with UAE and Japan.

Bruno Coutinho (capt), Dominic D’Souza, Anthony Pereira, Seby Dias, Remy Colaco, Augustino Rodrigues, Venancio Gonsalves, Seby D’Costa, Thomas Alex, Elvis Pereira
Coach : Edwin Lowen (Germany)


August 14 : United Arab Emirates 6-2 India
Goals Anthony Levino Pereira, Venancio Gonsalves

August 15 : Japan 4-3 India
Goals 2 - Venancio Gonsalves, Bruno Coutinho.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Natasha Palha - Factfile for 2007

Date of Birth : - 17th January 1994
Singles Win/Loss Record - 26/1
Doubles Win/Loss Record - 13/3


PYC Asian Tennis Federation U-14 SERIES
May 2007, Pune

Beat Pooja Narayana (India) 6-1, 6-3
Beat Urmila Gunuganti (India) 6-0, 6-1
Beat Namita Bal (India) 6-3, 6-7, 7-6
Beat Zainab Ali Sajjad (India) 6-4, 6-4
FINAL Beat Ankita Raina (India) 6-0, 6-0

Doubles - (Partnering - Namita Bal of India)
Beat Aishwarya Nunes (India)/B Ekta Singh (India) 6-1, 6-1
Beat Shruti Jaiswal (India)/Zainab Ali Sajjad (India) 6-1, 6-2
Beat Teertha Iska (India)/Ravina Shetty (India) 6-1, 1-6, 6-2
FINAL Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India)/Prarthana Thombre (India) 2-6, 6-3, 6-4


Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under Series,
Damascus, Syria
2-6 July 2007

Beat Kiet Alsadi (Syria) 7-6,6-2
Beat Diala Jamal El Deen (Syria) 6-2, 6-1
Beat Sherene Wijesingh (Sri Lanka) 6-1, 6-1
Beat Namita Bal (India) 7-5, 6-3
FINAL Beat Prarthana Thombare (India) 6-3, 6-3

Doubles - (Partnering - Namita Bal of India)
Lost to Diana Maki (Syria)/Kim Alsadi (Syria) 6-7, 4-6


Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under Series,
Amman, Jordan
9-13 July 2007

Beat Diala Jamal El Deen (Syria) 2-6, 6-4, 6-4
Beat Riddhi Hegde (India) 6-3, 6-0
Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India) 6-1, 5-7, 6-4
FINAL Lost to Prarthana Thombare (India) 4-6, 7-6, 5-7

Doubles - (Partnering - Namita Bal of India)
Beat Diana Maki (Syria)/Diala Jamal El Deen (Syria) 6-6, 6-3
Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India)/Prarthana Thombre (India) 6-3, 7-6
FINAL Beat Yasodara Karunaratne (Sri Lanka)/Sherene Wijesingh (Sri Lanka) 6-2, 6-0


Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under Series,
Chandigarh, India
29 October 2007

Beat Ayushi Singh (India) 6-0, 6-0
Beat Shreya Pasricha (India) 6-0, 6-0
Beat Harnoor Kaur Mann (India) 6-2, 6-2
Beat Arzoo Malik (India) 6-2, 6-2
FINAL Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India) 6-4, 6-7, 6-4

Doubles - (Partnering - Vaidehi Bhagwat of India)
Beat Nithya Raj (India)/Saranya Verma (India) 4-0, 4-1
Beat Nikitha Shetty (India)/Arzoo Malik (India) 6-0, 6-0
FINAL Beat Zainab Sajjad Ali (India)/Anushka Bhargava (India) 6-0, 6-4


Riffa Cup
Manama, Bahrain
12-16 November 2007

Beat Nicolette Wolny (USA) 7-5, 6-4
Beat Jonicka Guba (Philippines) 3-6, 6-3, 6-2
Beat Arzoo Malik (India) 6-1, 6-2
FINAL Beat Natasha Rizvi (USA) 7-6, 6-4

Doubles - (Partnering - Anushka Bhargava of India)
Beat Chandler Beachy (USA)/Nadia Al-fardan (Bahrain) 6-0, 6-0
Lost to Arzoo Malik (India)/Nicolette Wolny (USA) 2-6, 7-6


Asian Tennis Federation 14 & Under Series,
Manama, Bahrain
19-23 November 2007

Beat Azza Al Hinai (Oman) 6-0, 6-0
Beat Diala Jamaleddin (Syria) 6-0, 6-0
Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India) 6-2, 6-0
FINAL Beat Jonicka Guba (Philippines) 6-3, 7-5

Doubles - (Partnering - Namita Bal of India)
Beat Diala Jamaleddin (Syria)/Mehek Khokar (Pakistan) 6-1, 6-1
Beat Adelle Boey (Malaysia)/Jonicka Guba (Philippines) 3-6, 7-5, 10/8
FINAL Beat Vaidehi Bhagwat (India)/Anushka Bhargava (India) 6-3, 2-6, 10/4


Ranked 1st in Asia in U-14 as per rankings released on 3rd December by the Asian Tennis Federation

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Bhakti Kulkarni and Ivana Furtado - In Short

Bhakti Pradip Kulkarni
1. Goa's first titled player - Woman FIDE Master
2. First Goan to qualify for the National Women's 'A'
and appeared on the prize list in her first attempt in 2006.
3. Won the Bronze Medal in the Asian Girls Under 14 in New Delhi in 2005.
4. Won the Gold Medal in the Asian Girls Under 14 in Teheran in 2006.
5. Won the Silver Medal in the Asian Girls Under 16 in Tashkent in 2007.
6. Won the Gold Medal in the Commonwealth Girls Under 18 in Mumbai in 2006.
7. Won the Goa State Men's Championship three years in a row from 2004-2006.

Ivana Maria Furtado
1. Youngest Indian World Champion in any sport when she won the Gold Medal
in the World Youth Girls Under 8 in Batumi, Georgia in 2006. (Her name appears
in the Limca Book of records for this feat on page 400).
2. Won the Bronze Medal in the Asian Girls Under 8 in New Delhi in 2005.
3. Won the Silver Medal in the Asian Girls Under 8 in Teheran in 2006.
4. Won the Gold Medal in the Asian Schools Girls Under 7 in Singapore in 2006
and the Gold Medal for the Team Championship.
5. Won the Gold Medal in the World Schools Girls Under 8 in Greece in 2007
and the Gold Medal for the Team Championship.
Between the two of them, both the girls have won 10 international medals (6 Gold,
2 Silver and 2 Bronze) in a period of 1.5 years

Courtesy - Sameer Salgaocar

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Goa U-14 Football team to Portugal, Sri Lanka

As part of its on-going youth development programme, the Goa Football Association has deputed an under-14 state football team on a tour of Sri Lanka and Portugal.

The 17-day visit will include one match in Colombo, a training camp in Guimaraes and participation in a tournament in Pontinha.

During their stay in Portugal the team will also play against the corresponding youth teams of leading professional clubs like Vitoria de Guimaraes SC and Boavista FC.

Nineteen footballers will represent the under-14 team for the Mariano Barreto tournament to be held in Lisbon. later this The Goa team will be captained by top-notch midfielder Jesvil D’Souza of Pilar while 25-year-old Margao-based Francisco Bruto Da Costa, will be the coach.

The squad presents a balanced look with the cream of Goan Under-14 football talent making it to the final selection of 19 from a pool of 22 youth footballers chosen over various selection trials and training camps under the eye of Da Costa, assisted by Portugal returned Lino Pereira, Soccoro Vaz and goal-keeping coach Virender Singh.

The Goan contingent comprises three goalkeepers in Andey Fernandes, Shilton Fernandes and Ricardo Cardozo. Adney hails from Chandor and is a regular for Velsao Pale SC; Shilton has captained the India U-13 and comes from Navelim; Ricardo from Candolim is the son of former Dempo goalkeeper Eugenio Cardozo. The three goalkeepers have been trained by former international Virender Singh, the goalkeeper coach of Salgaocar SC.

In the defense, there are six players in the backline. Elroy Silva of Goa United and Fernando Colaco of Arlem are both wingbacks; Jesmon Carvalho, who represented India U-13, Melton D’Silva of Salgaocar , Joel Gama from Verna, captain of the state U-14 side in the school nationals and Shane Temudo, from Tivim will form the heart of the defense.

The midfield consists of skipper Jesvil, who attended the India U-16 camp and Brandon Fernandes, Goa U-13 captain and also an U-13 international, along with Enfal Vaz and Michael Silva (both Salgaocar), Lyndon Pereira (Velsao), and Philino Ratos (Goa United) which gives the coach an option to be flexible with his formations.

In the striking line there are four options with Pandhari Chopdekar of Dempo rated as one of the best forwards on the Goa youth scene is known to possess most qualities of an ideal striker. Billu Chavan of Parra is a speedy winger, Hasten D’Costa from Velsao-Pale is one of the rare breed of genuine left-footer, and Myron Fernandes of Goa United, another upcoming striker completes the department.

THE Goa U-14 team

Goalkeepers: Adney Fernandes, Shilton Fernandes, Ricardo Cardozo. Defenders: Jesmon Carvalho, Elroy D’Silva, Shane Temudo, Meldon D’Silva, Joel Menezes Gama, Fernando Colaco. Midfielders: Enfal Vaz, Michael Silva, Lyndon Pereira, Jesvil D’Souza (captain), Brandon Fernandes, Philino Ratos. Strikers: Hasten D’Costa, Myron Fernandes, Billu Chavan, Pandhari Chopdekar.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

International Cricket Matches in Goa

This is the list of cricket matches involving international teams played on Goan soil.

At Bhausaheb Bandodkar Ground, Panaji (Panjim Gymkhana), a first class 3 day match between Ranji champions Tamil Nadu and the touring New Zealanders was played on 19th, 20th, 21st November 1988 Link

The Nehru Stadium at Fatorda, Margao has played host to 8 One day Internationals. Here is the list

1) Australia v Sri Lanka on 25 Oct 1989 Link

2) India v Sri Lanka on 8 Dec 1990 Link

3) New Zealand v West Indies on 26 Oct 1994 Link

4) India v New Zealand on 21 Nov 1995 Link

5) India v Sri Lanka on 28 Dec 1997 Link

6) India v Australia on 6 Apr 2001 Link

7) India v England on 3 Apr 2006 Link

8) India v Sri Lanka on 14 Feb 2007 Link

It has also played host to one youth one day international match
India Under-19s v New Zealand Under-19s on 10th March 1992 Link

In 1968, a 3-day match was organised between two handpicked teams for the benefit of the victims of that Koyna earthquake and was played at Dr Rajendra Prasad Stadium, Margao on 12th, 13th, 14th April 1968. The teams were called Goa Chief Minister's XI and the Maharashtra Finance Minister's XI. Goa Chief Minister's XI won the toss and decided to bat. The Goa Chief Minister's XI won by 146 runs. The players -
Goa Chief Minister's XI - Graham Dowling, Mark Burgess(both of New Zealand), Budhi Kunderan, Madhav Mantri, Bapu Nadkarni, Eknath Solkar, Vijay Bhosle, Shankar More, Sharad Diwadkar, Anwar Shaikh, Umesh Kulkarni
Maharashtra Finance Minister's XI - Prince Indrajitsinhji, Ramnath Parkar, Rusi Surti, Ajit Wadekar, M L Jaisimha, Dilip Sardesai, Manohar Hardikar, Erapalli Prasanna, Ramakant Desai, Padmakar Shivalkar, Kishore Rao

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Goans in India U-13 Soccer Squad

Goalkeeper Shilton Eusebio Fernandes has been chosen to captain the India U-13 team at the AFC Under 13 Football Festival South & Central Region in Dhaka from 2-9 May 2007.

Defender Jesmon Joannes Carvalho and striker Brandon Fernandes are the other Goans to have found a place in the side.

The other teams taking part in the AFC U-13 Football Festival at Dhaka are Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Iran, Kyrygstan, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.

The India U-13 team is being coached by two Goans, Carlos Gomes and Eban Mesquita.

Source : AIFF

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ivana Furtado at the World Schools Chess Championships

Ivana Furtado of Goa is seeded 8th at the World Schools Chess Championships being played in Halkidiki, Greece.

First Round - Saturday, 28 April
- beat Ramadani Sarah of Slovenia.

Second Round - Sunday, 29 April
- beat Arina Utkina of Russia.

Third Round - Monday, 30 April
- lost to Vasova Valentinova Mariya of Bulgaria.

Fourth Round - Tuesday, 1 May
- lost to Sweety Patel of India

Fifth Round - Tuesday, 1 May
- beat
Pramateftaki Aspasia of Greece

Sixth Round -
Wednesday, 2 May
- beat Ho En Ying Michelle of Singapore

Seventh Round - Thursday, 3 May
- beat
Meghna C H of India

Eighth Round - Friday, 4 May
- beat
Menzi Nezihe Ezgi of Turkey

Ninth Round - Saturday, 5 May
- lost to
Aleksandra Goryachkina of Russia

After 9 games, Ivana won six and lost three.

She thus, finished 5th in the field of 24 participants in the Under-9 category.

Source -
Thanks to Sameer Salgaocar for the information.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Alex Vaz - Soccer Referee

Alex Joseph Vaz was a international soccer referee. This entry will attempt to list all the international matches he has officiated in. The list may not be complete, but as is the norm on the blog, an incremental model of updation is followed.

Tournament: Asian Nations Cup 1968, Iran
Officiated as Main Referee in 3 matches

6th May 1968 (Link)
Result: Iran 2 - Kuwait 1
Venue: Amjadiah Stadium, Teheran, Iran

13th May 1968 (Link)
Result: Iran 4 - Taiwan 0
Venue: Amjadiah Stadium, Teheran, Iran

Final - 19th May 1968 (Link)
Result: Iran 2 - Israel 1
Venue: Amjadiah Stadium, Teheran, Iran

Monday, April 23, 2007

Soniya Parab - Boxing

Soniya Parab, pin weight boxing category gold medallist at the National Games held at Guwahati, has been selected to represent India at the Ahmet Comert Boxing Championships to be held at Istanbul, Turkey from May 8 to 14, rated as the next best championship after the Women’s World Cup.

Her coach, Fabrizio Petroni, who runs the gymnasium called Tiger Boxing Club in Chapora, has played a major role in her success.


on 9th May, Soniya was eliminated in the preliminary round of the 46kg event by Oksana Shtakun of Ukraine to whom she lost by a 17-30 margin.

Maria Rebello - FIFA Referee

Maria Rebello is the first woman FIFA referee from Goa. She earned her first badge in Mumbai through Western India Football Association.

Her first international assignment as a referee will be officiating in two matches to be played between the women's National teams of Maldives and Bahrain on April 11 and April 22, 2007.

She is a former international player, having represented India a number of times, prominent among those being the Asian Football championship held at Malaysia in September 1995, Asian Women's Cup at Bangkok and a series of matches at Germany in 1996 and the Asian Games held at Bangkok in 1998. She was also chosen to captain the Indian women's team at a tournament in Chinese Taipei.

Friday, March 9, 2007

International Squash players of Goan origin

Caji D'Souza - 1972 and before for Uganda
Tony D'Souza - 1970s for Tanzania

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Scrabble Internationals

The following players have played for India in international scrabble tournaments

Irineu Gonsalves
Rajiv Antao
Douglas Lobo
Anthony Gomes
Jacky Fernandes
Joe Rodrigues

Friday, February 23, 2007

Incentive Scheme for Goan chess players

Following are the details of the Incentive Scheme for Goan chess players for the years 2005-2009 provided by the Goan Chess Association

Category 1 - National / Asian/ Commonwealth : Top 12
Players - Digital Clock
Coach - 1,000

Category 2 - National / Asian/ Commonwealth : Top 3
Players - Laptop
Coach - 10,000

Category 3 - National / Asian/ Commonwealth : Winner
Players - 60,000
Coach - 15,000

Category 4 - World Top 3
Players - 1,00,000
Coach - 25,000

Category 5 - FIDE Rating (Any)
Players - 4,000
Coach - 1,000

Category 6 - FIDE Rating (2200)
Players - 8,000
Coach - 2,000

Category 7 - FIDE Rating (2300)
Players - 12,000
Coach - 3,000

Category 8 - FIDE Rating (2400)
Players - 16,000
Coach - 4,000

Category 9 - Goa selection (Any one Category) 2 out of 4 years Winner
Players - 4,000
Coach - 1,000

Category 10 - Goa selection (Any one Category) 3 out of 4 years Winner
Players - 8,000
Coach - 2,000

Note: Special prizes for titles (GM, IM,FM,WGM, WIM, WFM) to be announced later. National Games will not be considered. All prizes can be claimed only once by any particular player. Current non-Goans will have to play selection from Goa to be eligible for awards.

Winners Sor Far (as on 01.01.07)

1. Rakshit Rai, Anurag Mhammal, Ivana Furtado, Bhakti Kulkarni, Cyrus Perreira, Niraj Saripalli

2. Bhakti Kulkarni, Ivana Furtado

3. Bhakti Kulkarni

4. Ivana Furtado

5. Umang Kaisary, Nandini Saripalli, Keegan Furtado, Charudatta Desai, Celianne Carvalho, Cyrus Perreira, Shyam Kantak, Sanjay Kavlekar, Amog Namshiker, Niraj Saripalli, Manmesh Naik

9. Bhakti Kulkarni (Seniors-Open), Sumit Asnodkar (Juniors-Boys), Anurag Mhammal (Under 11-Boys), Ivana Furtado (Under 9-Girls)


Special Award: Bhakti Kulkarni was awarded Rs. 10,000/- (inclusive of Rs. 2,000/- for coach) for qualifying for the National 'A' Women's tournament in 2006.

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Boxing - Internationals of Goan origin -

Pravin Shirodkar
Vishwanath Naik
Pandarinath Shirodkar
Santosh Birmole
Premanand Gaonkar
Akash Korgaonkar
Santosh Harijan
Joe Gonsalves
Buddy D'Souza
Bertie Gomes
Soniya Parab (women's)

Cornelius V Monteiro
Lenny Gama

MoU with Portugal Olympic Committee - Achievements

In October 2004, the Goa Football Association or the GFA signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Portugal Olympic Committee, in which the famous soccer team FC Porto and the Universidade do Porto or University of Porto are also involved.

As part of this MoU
  • 3 Portuguese coaches have been involved in coaching Goan teams and working with Goan footballers. Firstly, Joao Brito who mooted a blueprint for the youth development programme and held coaching workshops for coaches and players was followed by Rui Manuel Pedro who coached the Goan squad for the Lusofonia Games, and finally Daniel Barreira is currently working with the age group footballers in Goa.
  • GFA had sent two age group footballers Arnold Cardozo from Mapusa and Shallum Pires from Sanvordem and U-14 coach Lino Pereira for 1-month training at the FC Porto Academy in Porto in November 2006.
  • 16-year-old Joshuah Vaz of Fatorda, with the backing of a UK-based sponsor Douglas Fernandes and the timely support of Goa Football Association (GFA) whose Porto connection helped immensely, will be training for 5 months at one of Portugal’s top football academies belonging to a club called Vitoria Sport Clube (Vitoria de Guimaraes) in Guimaraes from February 2007.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Badminton Internationals from Goa

1) Vijay Madgavkar - India (more)
2) Mennen Soares - Pakistan in 1954
3) Jack Britto - Malawi in 1962
4) Gabriel Louzado - represented Malawi in the 1974 Commonwealth Games in Christchurch, New Zealand.
5) Jacinto Fernandes - Kenya in the 1970 Commonwealth Games
6) Hildebrand Fernandes - Uganda

1) Alice De Souza - Kenya
2) Wendy De Souza - Kenya
3) Maureen Paes - Kenya
4) Jeanette Paes - Kenya
5) Mary Borges - Uganda
6) Rena Dias - Uganda
7) Norma D'Souza - Uganda

Tennis Internationals

1) Leander Paes - India (more)

Friday, February 2, 2007

Leander Paes

Tennis for India

Born : Goa, June 17,1973
Height: 5'10'' (177 cm)
Turned pro in 1991

Father, Vece, was a member of the bronze medal Indian field hockey team in the 1972 Munich Olympics, and mother, Jennifer, was a member of the Indian basketball team

Joined the Britannia Tennis Academy in Madras in 1985 where he was coached by Dave O'Meara.

Won the 1990 Wimbledon Junior title and ranked as the No. 1 junior player in the world at one time before finishing No. 2

Member of the Davis Cup squad since 1990 and playing captain since 2004, has a 76-30 career record in 38 ties (46-21 in singles)

Won singles bronze medal in Atlanta Olympics (d. Meligeni), first medal for India since 1980 and first individual medal since 1952

was a joint winner of India's highest sporting honour, the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award in the year 1996-1997.

Highest Singles Ranking - 73 on 24 August 1998, became first Indian to finish in Top 100 since Ramesh Krishan in 1990. Won first ATP singles title in Newport (d. Godwin). It was first title by an Indian since Krishnan in 1990

In Men's Doubles, won six titles in eight finals (w/Bhupathi) in 1998. Finished No. 2 in Team Rankings and No. 4 individually.

In 1999 – Won three doubles titles, including Roland Garros and Wimbledon (w/Bhupathi). Became first team to reach finals of all four Grand Slams in same year since 1952

Reached No. 1 individually in doubles on June 21, 1999 and finished as No. 1 ranked team

Carried Indian flag during opening ceremonies of 2000 Sydney Olympics

In 2001, he and Bhupathi received India’s highest honor, the Padma Shri, which goes to Indian citizens in recognition of their distinguished service to nation

In 2006, won the men's doubles Gold in Asian Games 2006 in Doha partnering Bhupathi and the mixed doubles Gold at the same championship partnering Sania Mirza.


2006--Hertogenbosch, US Open;
2005--Bangkok, ATP Masters Series Monte Carlo, Barcelona;
2004--Canada AMS, Gstaad, Halle, Delray Beach;
2003--Dubai, Gstaad, Delray Beach;
2002--Chennai, Mallorca;
2001--Atlanta, Cincinnati TMS, Houston, Roland Garros;
2000--Tokyo, Orlando;
1999--Newport, Chennai, Roland Garros, Wimbledon;
1998--Chennai, Doha, Dubai, Paris Indoor, Rome, Shanghai;
1997--Beijing, Chennai, Montreal / Toronto, New Haven, Prague, Singapore

2006--Australian Open;
2005--ATP Masters Series Madrid, Stockholm, Tennis Masters Cup Doubles;
2004--Dubai, US Open;
2003--'s-Hertogenbosch, Miami TMS;
2001--Basel, Paris TMS;
2000--Doubles Championship;
1999--Australian Open, Doubles Championship, US Open, Indianapolis;
1998--Singapore, Stuttgart Indoor;
1997--Doubles Championship;
1995--New Haven

Edward Sequeira

Olympian - 1968, 1972

Edward Sequeira, popularly known as Eddie, was one of India's most rhythmic middle distance runners. Essentially a hair miler doing the metric mile for stamina, Sequeira also excelled in the 5,000 metres. Born on 6 February 1940 in Bombay, Eddie studied at: St. Paul's High School from where he joined the Central Railway as mechanical apprentice. Sports were compulsory for the Railway employees and Sequeira proved a natural athlete. He took up athletics seriously in 1959 and by 1963 had created new marks for the 800 and 1,500 at the Central Railway meet and then went on to repeat the performances at the Inter-Railway Meet in Delhi, He clocked 1:52.6 for the half mile and 3:49.4 for the 1,500 metres. His next step was the National titles and he duly won both the events in the National Games, retaining his hold on the events from 1963 to 1973. He set a new record in the 1500 metres in 1966, his time of 3.43.7 being even faster than the existing Asian mark. This record remained in the books for well over 35 years before Bahadur Prasad updated it during the Permit Meet in Delhi.

Eddie Sequeira began his long association with Tata Steel in 1964, an association which proved very fruitful to him. His athletics career took an upswing and he became a permanent member of the Indian team. He represented the country against Russia in 1965 and then went to the Commonwealth Games in Kingston in 1966, the year in which he created the national mark in the 1,500 metres.

The 1966 Asian Games in Bangkok proved to be a disaster for Sequeira who was forced to retire when in full flight in the final and had to settle for the award of" the Unlucky Athlete of the Games". The Indian star had obviously been pushed and the organizers perhaps thought fit to compensate him with the most unlikely labelled award.

Sequeira then went to Ceylon for a dual meet and won the 1,500 metres and the next year, created national mark or 14:38 in the 5000 metres in another such competition on the Ceylon tracks. He was captain of the Indian team to Malaysia and Singapore and also a member of the Asian team to West Germany he went back to Bangkok for Games and wiped out bitter memories of the previous edition of the Games with a Silver Medal In the 5000 meters. Coached by the German coach Otto Peitzer, himself a world record holder, Sequeira went to Munich Olympics in 1972 where he finished 8th in the 5,000 meters. Munich however left other memories for Sequeira, of the killings Israeli athletes by Palestinian terrorist.

An outstanding sportsman, Edward Sequeira contributed much to Indian athletics as a coach also, He attended a coaching conference in Tokyo in 1979.He was also on the Committee of the Amateur Federation of India, An officer with Tata Iron and Steel Con Mumbai, Sequeira was honoured the Maharashtra Government Shiv Chhatrapati Award in coveted Arjuna Award came in 1971.

Source : link

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Tennis Ball cricket internationals

Represented India in the tennis ball cricket series against Nepal in 2002
Salma Divkar
Santoshi Rane
Mary Fernandes

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Xavier D'Souza

Bodybuilding champion, Grand Cayman

-won the Mr. India title in 1992
-Mr. Cayman Extreme open class champion 2005
-NIBF World Bodybuilding Championship in Japan 7th place 1991
-Mr. U.A.E Bodybuilding Championship middle weight class winner 1995 &1998
-Mr.Middle East Bodybuilding Champioship middle weight class winner 1998
-INBF World Championship middle weight class winner 2005
-INBF World Championship 2nd in middle weight class winner 2006

Source - click here

Uday Zambaulikar

- became the first Indian to win a place in an international Karate tourney by taking home the eighth place at the ASEI Cup in Hungary in July 2000.

- participated in the World Karate Championships in Tokyo as a member ofIndia's 15-member contingent for the 10-day international meet in September, 2001. Stood 5th.

Baseball/Softball internationals for India

Monica Lobo (Saligao)
- represented India at the 5th Asian Women’s Softball Championships held at Jakarta, Indonesia in 1991.
- had the honour of captaining India at the 6th Asian Women’s Softball Championships in Manila, Phillipines in 1995.
- has also officiated as an Umpire at the 1st Asian Youth Softball Championships held at Chennai in 1997.


The following players represented the Indian women's baseball team at the World Baseball Series, held in Tokyo, Japan, from July 17 to 22, 2004

1) Madhura Upadhye
2) Kavita Avati
3) Geeta Parwar
4) Vidhya Satarkar

Sailing/Yachting/Windsurfing Internationals

This is the liist of those from Goa who have represented India.

1) Chaitanya Chowgule
2) Salil Sabir
3) Pallavi Naik
4) Tricia Silveira
5) Trisha Sabir
6) Kabir Tombat
7) Amir Noronha

1) Anil Madgavkar
2) Remy Fernandes
3) Derrick Menezes
4) Donald Coelho
5) Herbert Rodrigues

Pratima Gaonkar

- Represented India at the Asian Junior Athletics championships in Brunei in 2001.
- Was a member of the
4 x 400 mt relay team at the same championships which bagged the silver medal.
Was selected for the coaching camp to select the Indian teams for the SAF Games to be held in Islamabad and the Afro-Asian Games to be held in New Delhi, for the 400 m and 4 x 400 m relay events.
- Expired under tragic circumstances on 9th October 2001.

Links : 1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7

Vijay Madgavkar

Vijay Madgavkar was a Maharashtrian representing Calcutta in badminton. He later moved to Goa and made it his home.
He was the first national badminton champion of India in the Men's Singles event in 1935 at the Calcutta Nationals.
In 1935 he partnered B Roy to claim the national doubles title.
Madgavkar was India 's first skipper of the Thomas Cup side. They lost in the semi-finals to Britain.
He was the first Indian to reach the finals of the All England Badminton Open in 1947.
His son Anil represented the country in Windsurfing and his grand-daughters Nisha, Annika and Ayesha have represented the country in the Asia Pacific Diving Championships.

Swimming/Diving Internationals

1) Nisha Madgavkar (Sangolda)
- the first swimmer from Goa to represent India when she went to Singapore for the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships in 1991 at the age of 12
- represented India at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships held at Pusan, South Korea in 1996 and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998.

2) Annika Madgavkar (Sangolda)
- Represented India first in 1994 in diving at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships
- Won a bronze in the 1M Spring Board Diving event at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships in 1994
- Won a bronze in the 1M Spring Board Diving event at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships in Pusan, South Korea in 1996

3) Szewinska Gwen D'Mello (Chorao)
- Represented India first in 1994 in diving at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships
- Won a bronze at medal at the same Championships in 1994

4) Ayesha Madgavkar (Sangolda)
- got the 5th spot in the 1M Spring Board Diving at the Asia Pacific Aquatic Championships in 1996.
- represented India at the Championships in Chinese Taipei (Taiwan), 1997 and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1998

5) Sayuli Pai Raikar (Caranzalem)
- represented India at the Asian Aquatic Championships in Hong Kong in 2001
- won a Bronze medal in the 5M High Board Diving event at the same event.

6) Sushmeeta Sasta (Margao)
represented India at the 4th Asian Amateur Swimming Federation Championships in Bangkok in 2005
- Finished 6th in the high-board and 8th in the 3m springboard

7) Talasha Prabhu (Panaji)
- Asian age-group championship to be held in Jakarta in 2007
- 1st South Asia swimming championship in Islamabad in September in 2007.

Source -

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Lavy Pinto

Represented India in athletics

- Won the 100m and 200m at the inaugural Asian Games in 1951 in Delhi and was given the title of Asia's fastest man
- Represented India in the 1952 Helsinki Olympics
- A block at the Asian Games Village in Delhi is named the Lavy Pinto Block

Links - 1 , 2 , 3 , 4

Seraphino Antao - Kenya Athletics

Represented Kenya in athletics
Originally from Chandor in Goa.

Born : Makadara Estate, Mombasa, 30th October 1937
Nickname : Gazelle
Parents : Diogo Manuel and Anna Maria Antao
Schools : Goan High School (St Valentine High School) ; Goan Secondary School (now Mombasa High School)

Sporting Achievements :

-> broke the Kenya National records for 100 and 220 yards in 1957.

-> First competed in the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales in 1958.

-> Reached semifinals of 1960 Rome Olympics.

-> joined top athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations for a match against USA in London's White City stadium immediately after the 1960 Olympics in Rome. The Commonwealth team, made up of runners from Britain, Bahamas, West Indies and included Antao tied with the USA team in the 4x100 yards in world record time of 40 seconds.

-> won the 110 yards (Timing - 9.5 seconds) and 220 yards (Timing - 21.1 seconds) golden double at the Commonwealth Games (Empire Games) in Perth, Australia in 1962. Also ran the 4 x 440 yards relay with the Kenyan team who finished fifth in the final.

-> won a double at the British Championships in 1962.

-> won a double in the Czechoslovakia Championships in Prague.

-> participated in World Class meets(equivalent of what are Prix meets today), in Zurich, Berlin and London. Won the 1963 meet in Zurich clocking 10.5 seconds.

-> chosen as the flagbearer for the Kenyan team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, he fell ill and had to opt out.

-> won the prestigious Helms Athletics Foundation award the following year, which was awarded to six greatest athletes of the six continents by the American Foundation.

Links - 1, 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Test Cricketers of Goan origin

Cricketers of Goan origin who have played Test cricket

1) Wallis Mathias for Pakistan in 1955
2) Antao D'Souza for Pakistan in 1959
3) Dilip Sardesai for India in 1961
4) Paras Mhambrey for India in 1996 (traces roots to Aldona)

Goan cricketers for India in age-group tournaments

- Saurabh Bandekar U-19
- Rahul Keni U-19

Dilip Narayan Sardesai

Born August 8, 1940, Margao, Goa
Died July 2, 2007 , Mumbai (aged 66 years 328 days)
Current age 66 years 171 days
Major teams : India, Mumbai
Batting style : Right-hand bat
Bowling style : Right-arm bowler

Batting and fielding averages
class mat inns no runs hs ave 100 50 6s ct st
Tests 30 55 4 2001 212 39.23 5 9 2 4 0
First-class 179 271 26 10230 222 41.75 25 56
85 0

Bowling averages
class mat balls runs wkts bbi bbm ave econ sr 4 5 10
Tests 30 59 45 0 - - - 4.57 - 0 0 0
First-class 179 791 552 8 2/15
69.00 4.18 98.87
0 0

Career statistics

Test debut India v England at Kanpur - Dec 1-6, 1961 scorecard
Last Test India v England at Delhi - Dec 20-25, 1972 scorecard
First-class span 1960/61 - 1972/73

The 1970-71 West Indies tour was the last chance for Dilip Sardesai. He was lucky to be picked - it had looked as if his career was dead and buried - he went on to be Indian cricket's Renaissance Man in the watershed year of 1971. A technically correct player, the solid, wristy Sardesai was proficient against spin, but in West Indies he showed his mettle against pace, and pulled India repeatedly out of quicksand. He scored 642 runs, with two single hundreds and a double, and provided an inspirational launching-pad for a legend - Sunil Gavaskar, in his first series. In England later in 1971, Sardesai's pivotal double of 54 and 40 allowed Chandrasekhar to hasten England's defeat at The Oval. Sardesai was limpet-like and usually defensive, but he could attack when he needed to, and scored one of India's fastest hundreds, against New Zealand at Delhi in 1964-65. In the previous Test, his 200 not out at Bombay salvaged a draw after India had been skittled for 88 in the innings. Sardesai enjoyed playing against England: he made his Test debut against them in 1961-62, even before he'd played for Bombay, and it was against England, at Kanpur two years later, that he scored 79 and, after India followed on, 87 to help save the game.
H Natarajan

Cricinfo Profile can be viewed here
Interview with Vinayak Naik here
More links 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13

Antao D'Souza

Born : January 17, 1939, Goa, India
Current age : 68 years 9 days
Major teams : Pakistan, Karachi, Pakistan International Airlines, Peshawar Cricket Association Batting style : Right-hand bat
Bowling style : Right-arm medium, Right-arm offbreak

Batting and fielding averages
class mat inns no runs hs ave 100 50 6s ct st
Tests 6 10 8 76 23* 38.00 0 0 0 3 0
First-class 61 72 29 815 45 18.95 0 0
20 0

Bowling averages
class mat balls runs wkts bbi bbm ave econ sr 4 5 10
Tests 6 1587 745 17 5/112 5/112 43.82 2.81 93.35 1 1 0
First-class 61
4947 190 7/33

12 1

Career statistics

Test debut Pakistan v West Indies at Karachi - Feb 20-25, 1959 scorecard
Last Test England v Pakistan at The Oval - Aug 16-20, 1962 scorecard
First-class span 1956/57 - 1966/67

Cricinfo Profile can be viewed here
More links 1

Wallis Mathias

Born- February 4, 1935, Karachi, Sind
Died - September 1, 1994, Karachi, Sind (aged 59 years 209 days)
Major teams: Pakistan, Karachi, National Bank of Pakistan, Sind
Batting style : Right-hand bat
Bowling style : Right-arm medium

Batting and fielding averages
class mat inns no runs hs ave 100 50 6s ct st
Tests 21 36 3 783 77 23.72 0 3 0 22 0
First-class 146 206 37 7520 278* 44.49 16

130 0
List A 1 1 1 51 51* - 0 1
0 0

Bowling averages
class mat balls runs wkts bbi bbm ave econ sr 4 5 10
Tests 21 24 20 0 - - - 5.00 - 0 0 0
First-class 146
532 13 2/4

0 0
List A 1 0 0 0 - - - - - 0 0 0

Career statistics

Test debut Pakistan v New Zealand at Dhaka - Nov 7-12, 1955 scorecard
Last Test England v Pakistan at The Oval - Aug 16-20, 1962 scorecard
First-class span 1953/54 - 1976/77
List A span 1974/75

Wisden obituary
Wallis Mathias, who died on September 1, 1994, after a brain haemorrhage, aged 59, was the first non-Muslim to play for Pakistan. He made his debut in November 1955 as a 20-year-old and played in 21 Tests over the next seven years.

His greatest merit was his fielding; he was the safe pair of hands in the slips that Pakistan's strong medium-pace attack of that era desperately wanted. He had exceptional reflexes and, though he took some spectacular catches, his great skill was to make hard chances look simple.

He was also a middle-order batsman whose figures did not do justice to the usefulness of his runs: he scored 783 runs in Tests at 23.72, but regularly played critical little innings. The 64 and 45 he scored in Pakistan's win over West Indies at Dacca in 1958-59 made him easily the most successful batsman in a low-scoring game; a year earlier he had scored 73 and 77 in successive Tests in the Caribbean. He played three Tests in England in 1962, but the following year he suffered a finger injury in the nets which left him with a slight deformity that restricted his brilliant catching. He continued in domestic cricket and scored 278 not out for Karachi Blues against Railway Greens in 1965-66. In 1969-70 he became National Bank's first captain and played on until 1975-76 before becoming coach, selector and manager. In 146 first-class matches he made 7,520 runs, average 44.49, including 16 centuries. He held 130 catches, 22 in Tests. He was a popular captain and a much respected man.
Kamran Abassi (link)

The Test Career Figures can be viewed here.
Cricinfo Profile can be viewed here.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Men's Hockey Internationals of Goan origin for all countries (except India)

[O] signifies Olympian


Peter Paul Fernandes [O]- 1948 (also Rep India 1936 )
*Jack Britto [O]- 1950 to 1952 (8 caps)
Milton D'Mello - Tour to Spain in 1948 (3 caps)
Gerry Barboza - Tour to East Africa/New Zealand
Gordon Vaz

Rosario S F Dalgado [O]- 1956
Aloysius E Mendonca [O]- 1956, 1960, 1964, 1968 (captained in 1960)
Michael Estavo Pereira [O]- 1956
Joseph George - 1950s
Saude Andre George [O]- 1960, 1964
Anthony Querobino Vaz [O]- 1956, 1960, 1964
Edgar Simon Fernandes [O]- 1960, 1964
Reynold Anthony Da Souza [O]- 1956, 1964
Hilary John Fernandes [O]- 1960, 1964, 1968
Egbert Carmo Fernandes [O]- 1960, 1964, 1968
Silvester Fernandes [O]- 1960, 1964, 1968
Leo Fernandes [O]- 1964, 1968, 1972
Reynolds Pereira [O]- 1968, 1972
Phillip Da Souza [O]- 1972
Raymond D'Souza - 1980s
Giles Fernandes - 1983
Walter D'Souza - 1983
Patrick Martins [O]- 1984
Raphael Fernandes [O]- 1976, 1984

Zeno Fernandez [O]- 1968


Rui Saldanha [O]- 1972 Olympics. Has 26 caps for Great Britain from 1971-76 and 35 caps for England from 1969-78.
Warren D'Souza - England U-21 in 2005

Roger Gomes 1963-1970
George Moraes 1968 - 1972
William Lobo 1961- 1972
Polycarp Pereira 1958 - 1972
Al Mathias - 1952 - 1966
Carlitho Mascarenhas 1963-1971
Joseph Lobo 1963-1972
Jose Pereira 1959-1965
Cosme DeSouza 1953-1963
Felix Britto 1953-1963
Chris Pereira 1953-1963
Victor Pereira 1951-1959
Tony Pereira 1951-1957
Lesley DaCosta 1961-1963
Llewyn Da Costa 1959-1962
Stanley DeSouza 1968
Franklin Pereira 1963-1965
Wilfred Rodrigues 1961-1965
Renata Rodrigues 1961-1965
Osbert Remedios 1963-1965

Alban Fernandes - 1960s
Armand 'Chic' Saldanha - 1960s
Peter Gonsalves - 1960s
Raymond Lopes - 1960s
Stephen DeSouza - 1969
Denzil Nazareth - 1969
Tony D'Souza - 1970s
Kenneth Nazareth
Oscar De Mello
Allan Mascarenhas - 1978 onwards
Rosario Fernandes - 1978
Soter Da Silva [O]- 1980
Stephen Da Silva [O]- 1980
Frederick Furtado [O]- 1980
Leopold Gracias [O]- 1980
Benedict Mendes [O]- 1980

Trevor Fernandes [O]- 1984

*Jack Britto -1954 onwards

Howard Fernandes - 1978 World Cup
Aaron Fernandes [O] - 1984
Cedric Vaz - 1986
John D'Souza - PanAm Games 1995
Wayne Fernandes [O]- 2000
Jeff Pacheco - 2000
Robin D'Abreo [O]- 2000
Sean Barretto - 2002
Ken Pereira - PanAm Games 1995
Wesley D'Souza
Devohn Teixeira
Keegan Pereira (Junior team)
Shannon Barretto - U21 team to Argentina 1999
Conrad Fenandes - Indoor Hockey World Cup 2005
David Almeida - Indoor Hockey World Cuo 2005
Keegan Pereira - U21 World Cup Qualifier 2008

Danny D'Souza - represented U-21 Seychelles team in Kenya


This list is not complete. Additions/clarifications/corrections invited.

*Represented Pakistan and Malawi

Sources : Carmo D'Cruz, Lenny Barretto, Dil Bahra, Jagjit Singh Gill, Cyril Pereira, Mervyn Lobo, Tony Barros, Manny Sandhu, Goan Voice UK

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Men's Hockey Internationals of Goan origin for India

The following are the names of Hockey Internationals for India of Goan origin
(Sources : Carmo D'Cruz, Bharatiya Hockey)

1) Peter Paul Fernandes - 1936 Olympics for India and later 1948 Olympics for Pakistan
2) Leo Pinto - 1948 Olympics
3) Lawrie Fernandes - 1948 Olympics
4) Walter D'Souza 1948 Olympics
5) Maxie Vaz 1948 Olympics
6) Reginald Rodrigues 1948 Olympics
7) Leslie Fernandes 1974 Asian Games
8) John Correia 1974 Asian Games
9) Olympio Fernandes 1978 Asian Games
10) Cedric Pereira -> 1971 World Cup
11) Francis D'Mello -> 1971 World Cup
12) Vece Paes -> 1972 Olympics
13) Joaquim Carvalho ->
14) Mervyn Fernandes -> 1980 Olympics
15) Cedric D'Souza ->
16) Edgar Mascarenhas -> 1990 WC
17) Darryl D'Souza -> 1990 Asian Games
18) John Fernandes -> 1990 Asian Games
19) John Mascarenhas -> 1960 Olympics
20) Joe D'Mello -> 1954 tour to Malaya (Singapore/Malaysia)
21) Gavin Ferreira
22) Viren Rasquinha
23) Cheops D'Costa
24) Cornelius D'Costa
25) Diago D'Souza
26) Gilbert Lobo
27) Adolf Colaco
28) Avitus D'Cruz
29) Kenneth Fernandes
30) Clarence Lobo
31) Romeo Albuquerque
32) Alden D'Souza
33) Adrian D'Souza
34) Peter Menezes

Additions/Corrections invited.
Again this is not the complete and accurate list but just a tentative one.

Sources : Godfrey D'Souza,

Friday, January 19, 2007

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This blog is an attempt to chronicle Goans who have done well at the international arena in all sports. The goal is to keep it brief, and accurate. If your passion is Goa and sports, maybe you should help out here. More hands are always better. If you are interested, you could help out with the blog to research, compile, and validate the data already available. Be a co-author.