Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Seraphino Antao - Kenya Athletics

Represented Kenya in athletics
Originally from Chandor in Goa.

Born : Makadara Estate, Mombasa, 30th October 1937
Nickname : Gazelle
Parents : Diogo Manuel and Anna Maria Antao
Schools : Goan High School (St Valentine High School) ; Goan Secondary School (now Mombasa High School)

Sporting Achievements :

-> broke the Kenya National records for 100 and 220 yards in 1957.

-> First competed in the Commonwealth Games in Cardiff, Wales in 1958.

-> Reached semifinals of 1960 Rome Olympics.

-> joined top athletes from the Commonwealth of Nations for a match against USA in London's White City stadium immediately after the 1960 Olympics in Rome. The Commonwealth team, made up of runners from Britain, Bahamas, West Indies and included Antao tied with the USA team in the 4x100 yards in world record time of 40 seconds.

-> won the 110 yards (Timing - 9.5 seconds) and 220 yards (Timing - 21.1 seconds) golden double at the Commonwealth Games (Empire Games) in Perth, Australia in 1962. Also ran the 4 x 440 yards relay with the Kenyan team who finished fifth in the final.

-> won a double at the British Championships in 1962.

-> won a double in the Czechoslovakia Championships in Prague.

-> participated in World Class meets(equivalent of what are Prix meets today), in Zurich, Berlin and London. Won the 1963 meet in Zurich clocking 10.5 seconds.

-> chosen as the flagbearer for the Kenyan team at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. Unfortunately, he fell ill and had to opt out.

-> won the prestigious Helms Athletics Foundation award the following year, which was awarded to six greatest athletes of the six continents by the American Foundation.

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